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November 10, 2021

Basic Rules and Strategies in Blackjack Switch

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Blackjack is a famous game world over. As such, casino game developers seek to add a few twists to the game. Blackjack switch is a highly played variation of blackjack that retains most of the original game’s rules. Below you will read about the changes made to the original game. In the end, you will have a better understanding of the rules and fundamental strategies to win real money.

Basic Rules and Strategies in Blackjack Switch

What Is Different In Blackjack Switch?

Players who already know the moves in blackjack will learn that the switch variant has a few unique rules. Here is a brief outline:

  • Players must play two hands
  • High cards in the two hands can be swapped
  • Blackjack Switch dealers don’t burst when they hit 22
  • Payout is in the ratio of 1:1, unlike the ratio of 3:2 in standard blackjack games

Blackjack Switch Origin

The game Blackjack has its origins in America. A card counter named Geoff Hall felt unsatisfied by the original game of blackjack for one reason. He could not do anything after the dealer dealt him two weak hands. After coming up with the rules of Blackjack Switch, he revealed it to the public, and it took off almost instantly. The game got featured in the 2000 G2E conference held in Vegas. After a few years, Hall added the 22 push rule and applied for a patent. His application was successful, which made him be recognized as the inventor of Blackjack Switch.

How to Play Blackjack Switch

The game is pretty easy to play. The dealer issues cards from 6 or 8 decks. All cards are dealt face-up, and the house edge can go as low as 0.58 when playing with the optimal strategy. Below are a few essential things to know when playing Blackjack Switch:

  • 2 Hand Bets: Players must bet on two hands. That means if you bet $5 on one hand, the other bet must be $5
  • Splitting: Players can split the hands to have a maximum of four hands. You must place a bet on each hand if you choose to split.
  • Double down: Players can double down on their bets after switching the high cards in each hand.
  • Blackjack acquired after a switch has the value of 21.
  • A Blackjack in the player’s hand always trumps 21
  • Winning with a Blackjack in your hand pays even money

Moves by the Dealer in Blackjack Switch

The dealer’s moves in Blackjack Switch are a little different than in the original game.

  • A hand that totals 22 does not burst. Instead, it leads to a push against a strong hand.
  • The dealer gets to see the hole card if he draws an Ace or a 10

Blackjack Switch Strategy for Beginners

From the sections above, Blackjack Switch is pretty much a straightforward game. Knowing when to switch cards is what separates experts from learners. Most players aim to switch cards to make one strong hand. As a result, the game most likely ends in a push. That is, where one loses one hand and wins the other.


Everyone should try playing Blackjack Switch. You will love the game. Modern casinos make it possible to play on mobile or PC. So, if you love playing on the go, this is the game for you.

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