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September 1, 2021

Beginner Mistakes Players Make in Blackjack

Aria Williams
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Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in both land-based and online casinos. It is well-known for its high RTP and a chance of turning huge profits on bets. However, players need to have an excellent and working strategy in place to beat the house edge. Newbies who rush to sit at a Blackjack table without the basics are likely to make huge losses in the long run.

Beginner Mistakes Players Make in Blackjack

This guide will highlight some of the common mistakes you can easily avoid while Blackjack and open doors for higher payouts in the long run.

Aiming to Get to 21 in Each Play

Winners in Blackjack are picked on the premise of how close their hand is to 21 compared to the dealer’s hand. In this regard, your strategy should be more about beating the dealer and less about getting to 21. Keep in mind that the dealer cannot stand a hand in which they have less than 17. Knowing this, you should stand on a hand where your cards are closer to the winning number than the dealer, regardless of whether your hand is far from 21.

Failing to master the Basic Blackjack Strategies

Since the introduction of Blackjack, players have developed different strategies to beat the house edge and take home significant wins. For instance, players must strategize when to split a pair of Eights or Tens and double down or stand against the dealer’s hand with an Ace. These are decisions that should be made in a split second.

Newbies who buy into a Blackjack table before familiarizing themselves with well-known strategies quickly lose out to experienced players or dealers.

Playing Blackjack Games with Unfavorable Rules

Numerous variations of the Classic Blackjack Game are offered in online and land-based casinos. Not all tables have the same rules or house edge. For instance, some types of Blackjack have 6 card decks or 8 card decks which raises the house edge by a significant percentage. Most games you will find use 2 or more card decks in the shoe.

Adding Insurance and Side Bets

Taking insurance on a Blackjack table works differently from insurance in real life. Insurance bets amounting to half of the original stake are allowed when the dealer draws an Ace and pays the ratio of 2/1. The risk of losing the initial bet is minimized with the side bet. On paper, the insurance bet might seem like a good idea, but considering that the dealer has a 30.8% chance of drawing a blackjack, there are very high chances of losing out on the side bet.

Exceeding Bankroll Limits

The thrill of participating in a Blackjack table can get anyone carried away, causing them to bet with more than they had planned at the start. Casino operators recommend that players only play with amounts they would be comfortable losing. In addition, the motivation behind sitting at a blackjack table should be playing for fun and not making money.

Every player has times when the odds work in their favor and when things don’t go their way. It would be best to have a stop loss limit before you start playing and keep a positive attitude even when you make losses.


Playing Blackjack at a reputable casino using appropriate strategies can exponentially boost your bankroll. Steering away from the mistakes listed above is an excellent way to get started. However, testing your strategy in many games is the only way to rise from novice to expert. Look out for online casinos with the best variations of Blackjack and buy in to get started today.

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