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December 8, 2021

Cashback Blackjack (Playtech) Review

Aria Williams
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If you are a lover of Blackjack like myself, you will get excited at how Playtech is modifying this game's fresh twists. Classic Blackjack versions have simple player-dealer hand comparisons. Expectations are that the dealer will stand on getting a soft 17 or hits at 16. But Alas! Things have changed with Playtech's Cashback Blackjack. As you read through the entire review, you will get eye-opening insights into the game plus extra features that differentiate it from classic blackjack versions.

Cashback Blackjack (Playtech) Review

Cashback Blackjack in Detail

Cashback Blackjack set up is just like the regular one. It comes with six decks, each with 52 cards. Once cards are dealt, they are shuffled after each round. The dealer may hit at 16 or stand at 17. The Cashback version is, however, different. The player is dealt with two cards, and the game will innately give you a cash-out option. The cashback amount offered is determined by your likelihood to beat the dealer, given the visible cards in your hand. You choose whether to continue with the game or take the cashback.

Cashback Blackjack Strategy

The coolest thing with Cashback Blackjack is that it has a specific strategy. This strategy is based on risk calculations. Are you ready to risk the payout of your hand or take it without subjecting it to further multipliers with chances of losing it all?

To make such a decision, determine the size of the cashback offered. If it is more than what you initially staked, it means you have a profit even before the game is over. Nonetheless, if the game offers you a higher cashback, chances are, your hand is relatively better than the dealer's hand.

The strategy is to decide whether you want the small guaranteed cash back winnings or risk it all but stand a chance of winning big by beating the dealer in subsequent rounds.

Cashback Blackjack Bets

Like the regular Blackjack, the cashback variant gives you the option to play 1-5 hands concurrently. Besides, there are different bets to leverage. They include:

  • Pair bets. The player can stake to predict the outcome for pairs on respective hands dealt. This type of bet pays 25:1 in case of a perfect pair. Colored pairs pay 12:1, while mixed suit card pairs pay 6:1.

  • Side bet. Also referred to as 21+3 side bet. Like in many other Blackjack variants, this bet follows the conventional poker rules. The dealer's face-up card is always presumed to be the hand from the two cards initially dealt. Thus, they all constitute a payout if you get a flush, a straight flush, straight, or three-of-a-kind card combos.

Cashback Blackjack Conclusion

As the word suggests, cashback blackjack adds a neat cashback option before the hand is complete. While other blackjack game variants have emerged, I think this Playtech's version is much better for risk-averse players. The cashback versus beat-a-dealer trade-off is a decisive moment in the game, especially when it is conspicuously clear the player's hand is comparably better than the dealer's hand.

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